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While all criminal charges are serious matters, perhaps none are as severe as murder. Being accused of willfully taking someone else’s life is a stressful and overwhelming experience. If you are currently dealing with murder charges, you may be wondering if you have to spend the rest of your life behind bars, or whether you can find decent work with a criminal record upon your release.

In California, a person accused of murder can be charged with the following:

  • First-degree murder-The most serious murder charge available, first-degree murder involves premeditation or the deliberate intent to kill another person. This charge is subject to 25 years to life in prison.
  • Second-degree murder – Second-degree murder is intentional murder but has no indication of planning or premeditation behind it. Defendant is subject to 15 years to life in prison.

So what should you do next? I, Joe Bisbiglia, strongly recommend that you seek my tough legal representation before pleading guilty out of desperation. As incriminating as existing evidence may be, there are various legal options available to you.

How I Can Help as Your Santa Rosa Criminal Defense Lawyer

During my more than 10 years of experience, I have handled thousands of criminal cases and obtained successful results. With my help, I may be able to prove that your actions were not premeditated or that you were acting in self-defense, which can result in a more favorable case outcome. I am ready to help you craft a compelling and convincing case aimed at reducing or dismissing your charges. My experience as a trial lawyer could be extremely beneficial to you, especially in court. I am not afraid to call into question evidence or witness testimonies when it comes to defending the rights of my clients. You can be confident of this.

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As the founder of The Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia, I pride myself in having built a reputation for providing topnotch legal services for individuals accused of murder in Santa Rosa, CA. I am relentless, passionate, and tough on behalf of my clients, both inside and outside of court.

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