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Unfortunately, when an individual is charged with a child abuse offense they end up fighting much more than their charges. Because of the negative depiction of child abuse in the media, when someone is arrested it may seem impossible to overcome your case. If you are facing child abuse charges, our Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney can help you protect your reputation and rights.

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How We Can Aggressively Pursue Your Defense

Child abuse laws are put in place to protect children from harm, but our justice system was also established to protect people that have been wrongfully accused. Facing charges that you don’t deserve can be nerve wracking, but having an experienced Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney on your side can help you entrust that you can get the justice you deserve.

Defensive strategies that our firm can apply to your case include:

  • False allegations: The sad fact is there are many situations in which someone can be falsely accused of child abuse. In dysfunctional families or in custody battles over children, one parent might accuse the other of abuse as a way of getting a leg up over them.
  • Result of an accident: Accidents happen and if a child is injured as a result of one, like falling from a bike or slamming a hand in a door, it is more than likely that the child abuse charges can get dropped. If the accident happened due to negligence, charges may still be relevant.
  • Other reasonable explanations: There are often other reasons why a child is injured other than child abuse, like they got into a fight with another child or medical reasons cause them to have brittle bones or bruise easily. Uncovering the truth can help protect innocent people.
  • Parent’s right to discipline: Parents are allowed to punish their child in any manner they choose, as long as it is reasonable and doesn’t cause bodily harm. Punishments like spanking are all allowed, as long as the child’s injuries are not worse than mild bruising.
  • Religious beliefs: Even though this might be controversial, but in the event that a child dies a parent can claim an exemption to child abuse for religious reasons. If a parent chooses to pray for their sick child, rather than take them to a doctor, charges may be dropped.
  • Munchausen Syndrome by proxy: In some rare cases, a child caregiver will lie about an illness in their child as a way of getting attention or sympathy. In order to use this defense, proof of psychological or medical data to support your claim is typically needed.

Even though these are common defense strategies, there might also be other strategies that can be implemented into your case. At The Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia we can discuss your options with you and the best possible outcomes for your case.

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