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For many college students, college is the first time being on their own in the adult world, away from the protection of their home and family. What could have started as an exhilarating time of freedom and learning could quickly become a nightmare. With heavy media coverage on cases like Brock Turner’s conviction, allegations and charges of sexual assault or rape on college campuses are becoming a frequent occurrence. It is a sad reality that not all of these allegations are truthful or pointed towards the correct person. If you or your child is currently under the scrutiny of such allegations, you need to retain the legal counsel of an experienced Santa Rosa Title IX defense attorney as soon as you are able. I, Joe Bisbiglia, have represented other college students that have faced serious criminal charges.

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Students Facing Sex Crime Charges

When a student faces charges of sexual harassment or assault, universities will often handle the matter internally. Even though there is an accompanying criminal case, universities and colleges will hold their own investigations and administer their own penalties. It is vital to seek representation from a skilled Santa Rosa Title IX defense lawyer because these investigations and punishments are often politically charged.

Sanctions administered by a college or university could include:

  • Loss of scholarships
  • Loss of campus privileges
  • Academic probation
  • Expulsion from your school

In Title IX cases, the decision of whether a student is guilty or not is determined with a 60-day time limit and decided by administrators, staff, faculty, or even other students. These individuals are not trained on how to assess evidence and can be incredibly biased. Because most educational entities are driven to handle these kinds of affairs quickly and quietly, the person under scrutiny is not guaranteed a fair hearing. When you call my criminal defense firm, I can step in and ensure that you or your child is getting the defense they need.

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As a dedicated and seasoned Santa Rosa Title IX attorney, I have helped other college students overcome the accusations against them. Not only am I well versed in the complexities of sex crime defense, but I have represented thousands of criminal cases in the Santa Rosa area. If you are a college student or you are the parent of a college student that needs help, contact my office today, and we will set you up with a confidential consultation.

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