Pre-File Investigations

Pre-File Investigations in Santa Rosa

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Whether you committed a crime or were at the scene of a crime, there is a strong possibility that you are the target of a pre-file investigation. If you have been brought in for questioning or have reason to suspect that you will be taken into custody, I urge you to contact me at The Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia. Having worked on thousands of cases in the past fifteen years, I can look into your situation and help you decide on the best course of action.

In order for law enforcement to make an arrest and file formal charges against a suspect, they must have conducted a pre-file investigation and gathered enough corroborating (supportive) evidence to charge someone with a crime. The pre-file investigation is conducted by law enforcement and/or the District Attorney’s Office before formal charges are filed.

Be Proactive During the Investigation

If you are the target of such an investigation, you can expect that detectives on your case are investing their time, energy and resources into gathering sufficient evidence against you. This investigatory phase is a critical time because the detectives don’t necessarily have all the evidence against you.

Depending on the crime, they could be busily:

  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Running fingerprints
  • Testing DNA
  • Using ballistics experts
  • Matching footprints
  • Tracking down phone calls
  • Following various paper trails from financial transactions
  • Putting together any other pieces of the puzzle

If you are under investigation for a crime, it’s critical that you contact me before speaking to investigators. You may not know it but the police may not have enough evidence to connect you to a crime, but you could accidentally give them the worst evidence against you by saying the wrong thing – don’t make this mistake!

Stop a Pre-File Investigation Dead in its Tracks

During the investigation, you could be detained by law enforcement and held for questioning, which could go on for hours. While you’re not allowed to lie due to obstruction of justice laws, detectives can lie and use deceitful tactics to obtain evidence against you. Don’t speak to detectives or investigators without an attorney present, you must invoke your right to remain silent! You don’t want to place your trust in the very agencies that are actively working to convict you.

As your Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney, I will work tirelessly to expose weaknesses in the investigation and may be able to prevent formal charges from ever being filed against you.

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