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According to California law, a “criminal street gang” is considered any ongoing organization, group or association of three or more persons which vigorously engage in criminal activity and possess a common name and/or symbol. Due to the negative connotation associated with street gangs, if law enforcement arrests you for committing a criminal act and discovers you are affiliated with a gang, the penalties for the criminal act could potentially be enhanced, turning misdemeanors intofelonies.

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If you were arrested for gang-related crime, it’s crucial to obtain the legal services of a skilled and experienced Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney. I am dedicated to providing the aggressive defense you need to fight the charges against you and maintain your freedom, reputation, and future.

Punishment for Crimes Involving Gangs

California Penal Code section 186.22 is known as the state’s street gang enhancement law and imposes specific criminal penalties for individuals who committed crimes while being involved in a gang. The code involves two parts, the crime of participating in a gang and the gang sentencing enhancement.

The first part of the code makes it a crime to participate in a gang or participate in any criminal activities conducted by the gang’s members. If you are arrested for gang participation, it is punishable by a one-year sentence in county jail or up to three years in a state prison.

The second subdivision describes a “special allegation” which enhances the penalty for a gang-related crime by 2-10 years, only if the felony constitutes as a serious or violent crime. However, the prosecution must first establish a conviction for the underlying penalty. If the crime committed is both serious and violent, such as carjacking, home invasion robbery, and drive-by shootings which result in serious bodily injury or death, an individual could be facing a life prison sentence.

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