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If you are under 21 and were recently arrested for DUI , or if you are a parent and your son or daughter was arrested for an underage DUI, you should immediately secure legal representation from a Santa Rosa DUI lawyer. My name is Joe Bisbiglia, and as the founder of The Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia , I take underage DUI cases very seriously because I am aware of the damaging effects a conviction can have on a young person’s life and their future.

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California’s Zero Tolerance Policy

California has strict drinking and driving laws for young drivers under the age of 21. In California, it is unlawful for a driver under 21 to drive with 0.01% or more alcohol in their system. Under California’s zero tolerance law, a young person can be convicted of DUI if they drive after having just one alcoholic drink.

Underage drivers are penalized harshly for drinking and driving because underage drinkers contribute disproportionately to the number of alcohol-related fatalities, thus the blood alcohol limit is set much lower in an effort to discourage underage drinking and driving.

Penalties for underage DUI include:

  • Up to 6 months in jail
  • Up to $2,600 in fines
  • Up to 10 month license suspension
  • Alcohol treatment program
  • Probation

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What many people are not aware of is that disclosure of an underage DUI conviction may be required on:

  • College applications
  • Job applications
  • Some financial aid requests

The failure to disclose a DUI conviction can result in the loss of rights and the loss of financial aid, and even charges of perjury. Additionally, a DUI conviction can affect the ability for college applicants to play on certain college sports teams and it can affect entrance into certain colleges – this is not a desirable situation.

If you or your son or daughter is facing underage DUI charges, I urge you to contact my Santa Rosa criminal defense firm to learn what types of defense strategies I would use in your case. I am on your side and I am here to help!

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