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With a recent rise in the number of annual prescription drug overdoses, California has taken extra measures to monitor the use of prescription drugs. This places many people at risk for criminal prescription drug charges, including physicians and pharmaceutical providers who enable patients to seek proper medication. If you have been charged with a prescription drug crime, contact my criminal defense firm, The Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia, today.

As a drug crime lawyer in Santa Rosa, I am passionate about helping clients fight their criminal charges. My experience spans more than 15 years , in which time I have helped thousands of clients receive favorable results. My extensive history in criminal defense also spans wide range of jury trials. No matter your charges, I can provide the defense needed in your situation.

Prescription Drug Crime Defense

A wide range of charges are associated with prescription drugs. These charges can be levied against healthcare professionals, their patients, or both. When these substances are involved, it is important to watch for fraudulent prescriptions, and to take care that you never pass off your medication to someone without a prescription.

Common charges include:

To combat your charges, an attorney can help you demonstrate that you had no intention to sell prescription drugs, or that you were unaware that a prescription was fraudulent. A strong defense is even more important in the event that you are a healthcare worker, as your professional license will be at stake for prescription drug charges. With extensive penalties on the line, you don’t have time to delay your case. You should act quickly and call us today!0

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