Heroin Charges in Santa Rosa

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Heroin is defined as a dangerous narcotic and any crimes involving this drug are heavily punished in the state of California. If you find yourself facing heroin charges, make sure that you do not delay in retaining counsel and building your defense. My name is Joe Bisbiglia, and I am a dedicated and aggressive Santa Rosa drug crimes attorney.I can utilize my experience of over a decade and insight to help with your case today!

It is crucial that you take your charges seriously! Your future, reputation, and freedom could be on the line during this time. I am here to advocate for your rights and fight against any charges you may be facing. I have handled thousands of criminal cases and can utilize this experience to benefit your case.

Penalties for Heroin Crime Charges

California has particularly strict laws against heroin use, possession, sale, and distribution. Even just simple possession of heroin can be charged as a felony.

You could be facing the following penalties:

  • Up to three years in prison and a felony conviction for possession
  • Mandatory substance abuse program for possession
  • Up to five years in state prison for sale of heroin
  • Up to nine years for selling to minors
  • Extensive fines for selling to minor (up to $50,000)

For users, the prosecution will often seek to work out a deal for treatment, while traffickers and dealers face much tougher penalties. Regardless of what type of crime you have been accused of, it is crucial that you obtain legal representation.

If you are found with possession of drug paraphernalia related to heroin, such as syringes or needles, you may also be facing prosecution. Additionally, transportation and trafficking of heroin often lead to much more severe charges, especially if you cross over state lines.

No matter what type of heroin charges you are facing, you need legal action to defend your rights today. Contact my firm for counsel regarding your drug crimes case.

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