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Posted By bisbiglia 28-Nov-2018

What Happens If You Are Arrested for a DUI?

There’s a common saying, “Don’t drink and drive.” Unfortunately, many people don’t understand this in time. They realize the importance of this only after encountering a DUI charge. If you or your loved one is facing DUI charges then, you’ll need to hire a Santa Rosa attorney to resolve your concern. For 15years, Joseph Bisbiglia

Posted By bisbiglia 15-Nov-2018

Reasons Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

If proved in a court of law – ‘criminal charges’ can open up a pandora’s box of troubles for the accused. Due to this, a person’s world is impacted negatively to a significant extent. Conviction in a criminal case can put a person in a bad situation and they may end up losing everything including

Posted By bisbiglia 24-Sep-2018

Our Santa Rosa Lawyers Provide Tips for Avoiding a DUI

Our Santa Rosa lawyers at the Law Office of Joe Bisbiglia have worked with many clients that have experienced a DUI and while we’ve had great success in helping them fight against their charges, the client may prefer to not have required our services. We want to help you avoid a DUI charge and so,

Posted By bisbiglia 31-Aug-2018

Prescription Drug Use While Driving Can Lead to Charge with DUI

You can be charged with a DUI for taking prescription medication, which can be shocking if you aren’t familiar with California law. Police officers in Santa Rosa are even trained to determine if drivers have been taking medication. Not only that, you are legally obligated to let them test your blood if they have probable

Posted By bisbiglia 30-Jun-2018

An Expert Santa Rosa DUI Attorney Explains False Readings

In many cases, clients of ours have discovered that their DUI reading was false. That’s why we work tirelessly to examine the reading conditions and the elements that may cause a false positive. In this latest post, you’ll learn more about false DUI readings from a leading Santa Rosa DUI attorney. How false readings occur While

Posted By bisbiglia 15-Jun-2018

Ask a Santa Rosa, CA Lawyer: Can I Lose My Job Over a DUI?

One might assume that losing your license and possibly facing a jail sentence is the most severe of the consequences you can face if you are charged with a DUI. But many have also found that they can lose their job as a result of their driving offense. Our team at Bisbiglia Law has guided

Posted By bisbiglia 30-May-2018

The Reasons You May Require a Santa Rosa Criminal Defense Attorney

When you have been charged with a crime, you must be able to call upon the guidance of a Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney to respond to the charge. A qualified criminal defense attorney can help protect you against possible penalties as a result of the charges against you. In this latest post, we’ll explain

Posted By bisbiglia 30-Apr-2018

When Is It Time to Call a Santa Rosa Criminal Defense Attorney?

In most cases, when you find that you’re considering whether you should call a Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney, the answer is that you should. But it’s important to know the process for criminal charges and how to react when this occurs. We’ll explain more about when and why you should call a Santa Rosa criminal

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